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of the coast of somewhere beautiful.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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11.16.05 - 11.12pm
[ mood | HAPPY! ]


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11.11.05 - 12.04am
[ mood | tired ]

So today me and Ali went to the hot hot heat concert!! it was flippin awesome..except someone kept pranking uss..ugg..well as ali would say words can not express how this concert was...lol

LifeinStereo618: omfg!
LifeinStereo618: they were sooo good

thats what she said rite when we got home! and online

i bought a green band tee that has Hot Hot Heat written on it and pictures of the band..Wow i had a lot of funn... then we had like 2 people hit on us but they were like 60 years old...hahaha

December 1st Plain white t's <3 whoooot

<3 Lyndsey

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10.31.05 - 9.57pm
[ mood | Ha ha its cute ]

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn


Today i had an amazing day well it started off normally i woke up took a shower, blow dryed and straightened my hair ya know the usual then i went to the orthodontist and found out im done with braces i only have 36 days left so i was talking about this all day..Then i went to school and got a 96 on my math test....Then i got a 92 on my french test...i diddnt get in trouble at all in bio..Haha i normally do cause i sit next to ali...Then i walked to natalies house after school while we were running away from this guy i stepped in mud and my shoe fell off i almost pee'd my pants i was laughing so hard...Then i went home and took a nap....I went trick-or-treating with gabby around my grandparents neighborhood and me and gabby were screaming the in the box disney channel theme song..lol..then fall out boy...i had fun with her then when i was done there i went with Ali, Cally, and Jess. It was  blast!


Lyndsey has had the best day of freshmen year so far! ::.smiles.::




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dedicated to boots :) [
10.30.05 - 6.34pm
[ mood | Whoot ]

Boots <--pretty sweet kid


So i went to his concert on friday he's an amazing singer, im not gunna lie :)


He's prolly one of the cooles freshmen at kenmore west ive ever met


This reminds me of him


 <-----Thats how cool he is


<3 Always, 


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Whoot im finally updating.... [
10.30.05 - 3.34pm
[ mood | Heheh i like this guy ]












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9.2.05 - 5.20pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Heyy everyone! here's my scedjual<--- haha i love my spelling

Orchestra 1 123456 moose
Learning center 2 246 Misztal
Gym 2 135 Lester
Math 3 123456 Krom
English 09 R 4 123456 Johnson
Global st 1R 5 123456 Battaglia
Learning center 6 12345 Gadd
Living enviro L 6 6 Deighan
French 2r 7 123456 Critelli
Lunch 8 123456 Staff
Living en R 9 123456 Deighan

Comment me if we are in any classes together<3

<3 Lyndsey

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7.17.05 - 6.07pm
[ mood | amused ]



How is everyone? there is so much to say.... well i havent updated in forever well these are some onf the things i did.....

Went to crystal beach

Old home days

hung out with friends

saw friends i havent seen in a while

and a lot more! well i am leaving for Boston tomarrow morning at 5:30am, so if you wanna talk to me call my cell... leave me lots of comments!



...<3 Lyndsey

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lalala [
6.20.05 - 1.34pm
[ mood | i dont really no :( ]


   yesturday i was quite sad for some reasons. then i talked to ashley :) thanks and now im better.. well this weekend was a lot of fun

Friday: i went to Austins house with tom, britt, zack, austin, and me stuf hapened lalala....then later ree came over and we took a walk,then later we wen to austin, tom, and zacks baseball game with ali, and rachel..it was fun then i fell of the bleacker thing right on my side..it was quite funny....

saturday: Me and ree went for a walk with mike e..then we walked back to my house on the was we saw tom playing baseball. then me rachel and ree slept at reeyuh's hotel. it was fun

sunday: babysat got $25 not bad

i found some icons i like so here they are!





Well theres a few for now!


x.o.x.o.x.o leave comments o.x.o.x.o.x


.............<3 Lynds

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ugg [
6.19.05 - 2.28pm
[ mood | Really upset! ]

i hate this....ugg im sad </3 </3 </3 </3

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for your entertainment!!! [
5.31.05 - 7.43pm
[ mood | hehehe its fat ]

Well this weekend i went to cape cpd it was a lot of fun tooo much to write down. and i got sooo sunburned from laying on the beach. it was fun...now here is something for your entertainment a "fight" between me and gabby...

xOx Skinz xOx: cause your mean to me
x3pinknlovelyx3: NAH NAH NAH NAH POO POO!
xOx Skinz xOx: no i dont like those things
x3pinknlovelyx3: wuts going on?
xOx Skinz xOx: nm yoou
x3pinknlovelyx3: no i mean y r u upset?
xOx Skinz xOx: at you
x3pinknlovelyx3: y?
xOx Skinz xOx: cause you diddnt answer me
xOx Skinz xOx: the ice cream truch is more important

x3pinknlovelyx3: i was getting a snow cone from the ICE CREAM TRUCK..
xOx Skinz xOx: ya know what..........
x3pinknlovelyx3: im sorry but its GOOD!
xOx Skinz xOx: have the ice cream truck go to you dance recital
x3pinknlovelyx3: i WISH!
xOx Skinz xOx: fine ya know what he can take my place
x3pinknlovelyx3: FINE!
x3pinknlovelyx3: :-P
xOx Skinz xOx: ya know whay
xOx Skinz xOx: what*

x3pinknlovelyx3: WHAT?!
xOx Skinz xOx: this friendship is over
x3pinknlovelyx3: okay!
x3pinknlovelyx3: BUT I STILL HA?VCE ICECREAM!
xOx Skinz xOx: well ya know what ::takes isnowcone and smushes it in face:: THERE!

x3pinknlovelyx3: ouch..
x3pinknlovelyx3 signed off at 7:30:09 PM.
x3pinknlovelyx3 signed on at 7:30:13 PM.
x3pinknlovelyx3: that hurt.. did u no it was frozen
xOx Skinz xOx: GOOD!
x3pinknlovelyx3 signed off at 7:30:29 PM.
xOx Skinz xOx: i made it that way
xOx Skinz xOx: you have pulled the straw out to far this is war

x3pinknlovelyx3: WHERES A STRAW?! I WANT ONE!
x3pinknlovelyx3: I PUlLED IT!! BUT WHERE IS IT?!
xOx Skinz xOx: up you butt
x3pinknlovelyx3: really last i checked it wasnt
xOx Skinz xOx: and around the corner
x3pinknlovelyx3: oo.. which corner?
xOx Skinz xOx: this is war
xOx Skinz xOx: huh what is it good for

x3pinknlovelyx3: cause the left is mccdonalds...and the right is mr fudges candy
xOx Skinz xOx: absolutley nothing
xOx Skinz xOx: GEEK!

x3pinknlovelyx3: POOPIE!
x3pinknlovelyx3: i win8-)
xOx Skinz xOx: im better than you
x3pinknlovelyx3: :-D*
x3pinknlovelyx3: NU UH
xOx Skinz xOx: MORON!
xOx Skinz xOx: LOSER
xOx Skinz xOx: JERK
xOx Skinz xOx: GEEK

x3pinknlovelyx3: O YEA WELL WHO HAS THE SNOW CONE?!

xOx Skinz xOx: SO YOU DO
x3pinknlovelyx3: NOT U!
xOx Skinz xOx: well im the french iin frenchfries
x3pinknlovelyx3: WELL THE THE BUTTER IN ROLL!
xOx Skinz xOx: cause that made a whole lot of snce
x3pinknlovelyx3: it did!
xOx Skinz xOx: loser
xOx Skinz xOx: no
xOx Skinz xOx: well im the root in rootbeer

x3pinknlovelyx3: well im the bud in light!
xOx Skinz xOx: you mean bud in bud light
x3pinknlovelyx3: yea yea yea
xOx Skinz xOx: well im the nail in nailpolish
x3pinknlovelyx3: well im the ho in hockey!
xOx Skinz xOx: well im the hill in hillfiger
xOx Skinz xOx: 5
xOx Skinz xOx: 4
xOx Skinz xOx: 9
xOx Skinz xOx: 3
xOx Skinz xOx: 2
xOx Skinz xOx: 1
xOx Skinz xOx: OOOOOOOH!
xOx Skinz xOx: I WIN!
x3pinknlovelyx3: well im the pu in dding
xOx Skinz xOx: WHAT NOW???????
x3pinknlovelyx3: u dont win
x3pinknlovelyx3: that hillfigure thing took u like 3 minutes!
xOx Skinz xOx: that made no sence
x3pinknlovelyx3: it did in my world!
xOx Skinz xOx: its im the pu in pudding

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5.20.05 - 7.35pm
[ mood | WHOOT! ]

discover your jack-o-lantern face @ quiz me
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5.18.05 - 8.30pm
[ mood | tehehehe ]

[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]
What's your name? Lyndsey
Birthplace :: Buffalo
Age :: 13
Age you act :: humm… it depends some timed 2 lol
Current location :: williamsville
Eye color :: it changes
Hair color :: strawberry blonde
Right, lefty or ambidextrous? :: right
Zodiac sign? :: Leo
Height? :: 4’11’’
[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]

Your heritage/nationality :: Canadian, German ,Irish
Your hair :: k?
Your fears :: spiders, butterflies, seagulls, diying….and more
Your perfect room :: striped- pink purple blue and white on three wals and on the other one a plain color with polka dots.
What you practically do in a day :: wake up, get ready for school, school, hang out with friends or boys lacrosse, home, computer, t.v, bed, then it starts out all over again!

[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]

Words you overuse :: sweet
Phrases you overuse :: Get over it
Your first thought when you wake up :: No I don’t wanna go to school
Your greatest accomplishment :: I really don’t know I havent really acomplished anything.
Something you want to do :: AN ESCALADE!

[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]

Pepsi or Coke :: coke
McDonald's or Burger Kings :: Burger king
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera :: Britney spears oops I did it again…
Chocolate or vanilla :: vanilla
Adidas or Nike :: adidas
Black or white :: white black is like gothic
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) :: bills
Burgers or hot dogs :: hot dogs
Egypt or France :: ooh that’s hard im gunna have to say egypt
Rock or rap :: I like both bit I listen to more rock

[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]

Smoke :: no
Cuss :: no
Sing well :: HAHAHAHA!
Sing in the shower :: yup
Talk to yourself --a lot-- :: sometimes
Believe in yourself :: sometimes
Like taking these longass surveys? :: when im bored
Play an instrument :: yep
Want to go to college? :: yeah
Want to get married? :: yeah
Want to have children? ::yep
Think you're a health freak? :: no
Get along with your parents :: most of the time :/..
Get along with your siblings? :: most of the time
Think you're popular :: nope
[x] Part 6 -- In the past month have you..[x]

Gone out of state :: I don’t think so
Drank alchohal :: nope
Smoke :: no
Get high :: no
Done any drugs :: no
Eaten an entire box of oreos :: no
Been on stage :: no
Gone skinny dipping :: no
Been dumped :: no
Dyed your hair :: no
Stolen anything :: no

[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]

Craziest :: Riya
Loudest :: Riya
Most shy :: none of my friends are shy
Blondest :: Everone….
Smartest :: charles
Kindest :: all
Best personality :: all
Most talented :: kristin with her dance
Best singer :: lauren
Most ghetto :: none
Drama Queen ((or King XP)) :: I don’t know me?
Pain in the ass :: hahaha me?
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style)):: NONE!
Funniest :: OMG! There all hilarious (kree, ree)
Best person for advice :: kristin, riya, and gabby
Dependable :: all of them if I need anything they are walking right behind me
Trustworthy ::ALL!
Druggie :: none
Most likely to end up in jail :: I dunno me…?
Person you've known the longest :: gabby

[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]

Last dream :: last night
Last nightmare :: the other day i think
Car ride :: 10 minuets
Last time you cried :: hum……
Last movie seen :: exorcist
Last movie rented :: I dk…..i havent in a while
Last book read :: the giver lol
Last word said :: I havent used it lol
Last curse word said :: I don’t swear
Last time you laugh ::like two seconds ago
Last phone call :: erynn
Last CD played :: lfo
Last song you listened to :: past the point of no return phantom of the opera
Last annoyance :: ?
Last IM :: laura
Last weird encounter :: dk?
Last person you hugged :: mike
Last person you yelled at :: erynn
Last time you wore a skirt :: last month
Last time you've been evil :: dk?
Sarcastic? :: dunno
Last time you fought with your parents :: a while ago
Last time you wished upon a star :: …well I cant say cause if you tell your wish wont come true….?
Played Truth or Dare :: hummm
Spent quality time alone :: humm

[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]

Are you talking to someone on AIM :: no
Do you feel lonely :: no
Ever TP'd someone's house :: no I wanna tho
How about egging someone's house :: no I wanna tho
Do you not like dislike not like me? :: ? who are you?
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? :: YES!
Yo Momma :: yo papa
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? :: OMG YES!
What do you think of George Bush? :: he’s amazing
Any secret fetishes? :: ? eeh yeah I guess
Do you like to wear chains? no
How many languages do you speak? :: 2
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! :: no
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you =P)) :: no I don’t really care…..

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tehehe [
5.15.05 - 1.32pm
[ mood | chipper ]

Hello everyone...

    I had such a fun weekend!

   Friday: Rachel and Ali slept over It was fun.... then at like 9:30 we took a walk down the street and we were pretending to bee trees Lol. Then in the morning we walked to tim hortons and we had a good time my grandma run..lol then ali found 20 bucks. then we were walking home and we got lost so we decided to lay in the middle of the street it was a good time. then sadly they had to leave....

saturday: Tyler lindsay and i went to dinner at wegmans and i had chinese it was ok. then we went back to my house and shawn came over... it was a god time thgen at like 7 gabby came over and we were flipping out cause we havent seen eachother in like 1 1/2 months. Then we came inside and played scrabble tyler and i were on a team gabby and lindsay were on a team and shawn was on his own team we got bored of is so we put it away. then we played hide and seek lol. then we sat down and watchen the exorcist the stove the door and the angel..scary then she came down the stairsand spit blood i never knew she did that. EEK! No OMG i was in the car this smorning and this was mine and my moms convo...

Mom: whats this thing someone said your gunna do this every saturday
Me: oh i dunno
Mom: oh no i dont care you can if you wanna


Today: bought teddy grahams! tehehe

i would like to give a special thanks to emily for helping me with my layout! thank you sooooo much i love it!


.........<3 Leave lots of comments

................<3 Lynds





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5.13.05 - 7.36pm
[ mood | Whoot! ]

Ali and rachel are coming over today..... well heres a quiz then i have to go shower!


?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla


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5.8.05 - 10.27pm
[ mood | upset! ]

discover what candy you are @ quiz me

Today was a good day

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5.7.05 - 5.39pm
[ mood | Whoot! ]

I updted earlier but i wanted to put this is!

x the ones that apply

[] go out with me?
[] give me your number?
[] kiss me?
[] let me kiss you?
[] watch a movie with me?
[] take me out to dinner?
[] drive me somewhere
[] cut some rug with me?
[] take a shower with me?
[] be my gf?
[] have a fling with me?
[] take me home for the night?
[] Would you let me sleep in your bed?
[] give me a piggyback ride?
[] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere

D0 Y0U...
[] think im hot?
[] want to kiss me?
[] want to cuddle wit me?
[] want to hook up with me?

[] aquintences?
[] friends?
[] in a relationship?
[] gonna have kids?
[]we don't know each other

AM i...
[] smart?
[] cute?
[] funny?
[] cool?
[] nice?

[] thought about me?
[] thought about hookin up with me?
[] found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
[] wished i were there?

ARE Y0U...
[] my friend?
[] done with this survey?
[] happy you know me?
[] mad at me?
[] thinkin bout me?
[] going to repost this so that i will return the favor

answer honestly!

now i have to go outto dinner with some people so i will ttyl

....<3 Lynds

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5.7.05 - 12.32pm
Name : Lyndseyyy (lynzee)

Age : 13

Height : 4'11"

Weight : like 85-90 something

Sexual Preference : guys

Your Friends : r u kidding i have many

Best Friend : i have a couple.

Enemy : i dont really have one i have someont i dont like but im not gunna say who

Second Home : Gabby's

Most outgoing: i dunno

Most shy : prolly me

Loudest : ree <3

Most boy/girl crazy : saira

Last one you talked on the phone too : Gabby

Best Singer : lauren

Worst Singer : :x:no comment:x:

Best Dancer : saira

Worst Dancer : prolly me

Do you have more girl or guy friends : i hink girls

Do you want to hook up with one of your friends : mabii the guys tho

Have you ever hooked up with one of your friends : nopppppe

Would you ever hook up with one of your friends : yessss


Are your parents married or divorced : married

If divorced, are they remarried : they arent divorced! my goodness

How many siblings do you have : 1 sister

Do you like them at all : sometimes

Do you have any pets : 3 dogs, 4 cats, and a fish named donald

Do you live with more than just your immediate family : no


Fave Genre : I love it all

Fave Band : The beatles! i have more tho...

Fave Singer : i dont know

Fave Song : scars, collide, chariote....i dunno i have a lot

Least Fave Genre : country

Least Fave Band : the dave matthews band or modest mouse

Least Fave Singer : EWWWWWW i hate Hillary duff!

Least Fave Song : songs that radio stations over play

The one you sing in the shower : hummmm.. i always sing in the shower lol

The one you listen to with your boy/girlfriend : i dont have a boyfriend :(

The one you listen to when you're thinking about your boy/girlfriend : empty apartment

Either Or

Rock:Rap i like both

Coffee:Soda soda

Cuddle:Make out hmm idk

Read:Write i hate both

Talk:Listen both

Black:Red black

Girl:Boy boy

Short:Tall short.....im short

Movie:Book movie

Happy:Sad ...both

Sugar:Caffiene ehoot they both get me hyper

First word that comes to mind

Color: pink

Noise: meow

Music: candy shop

Happy: smile

Boy: girl

Girl: pink

Short: tall

Tall: thin

Tree: Reeyuh

Soda: coke

Sugar: hyper

Smile: smile your on canded camera

Glasses: Gabby

Braces: dee dee

Would you ever...

Kill someone : no

Kill yourself : no

Bunjee Jump : yes

Drink : ?

Do Drugs : NO!

Hook up with someone of the same sex : most likley not

Kiss a stranger : what does he look like?

Get drunk on a weeknight : mabii who knows

Sleep with a stranger : most likley not

Sneak into a movie : yeah

Sneak into a concert : yeah

Skip School : mabii not in middle school tho

Scream "fire" in a crowded room : yeah

Prank Call the cops : NO!

Do you...

Like Spongebob : yessssssss

Like Goodcharlotte : no i used to

Like the color pink : Duh who doesnt

Have a boy/girlfriend : no :(

Are you...

Boy or girl : girl

Tired : yeah

Bored : yeah

Relaxed : eeh

Wearing Jewelry : yes

Wearing Socks : no

Bored of this survey : eeh

Dating Someone : no

Sleepy : kinda not really tho

Almost Done : yeah i guess i dunno

What time is it now : 12:47

What time will it be in five minutes : 12:52

Associate These words with someone you know

Purple : brittany

Tall : ali

Short : me

Orange : Rachel

Vampire : erynn

Outgoing : saira

Weird : reeyuh, saira

Annoying : me!

Stupid : no comment

Smart : saira

Genius : i dunno

Boring : no one really

Fun : Reeyuh, gabby, saira

Sexy : i would have to say........(tehehe)

Books : nathan hurley eek

Paper : i dunno that one

Pen : antrichia

Music : kevin

Band : kevin

Sweet : yahs

Bitchy : no comment

Really almost done, I promise

Are you the oldest child or youngest : youngest

Do you like the computer: DUH!

Do you like school : not all the time

Do you like to read : not really

Do you like to write : nope


What time is it now : 1:02

What time will it be in five minutes : 1:07

Hello everyone im really pretty bored and i wanna do something today with someone so if ya wanna chill call my cell. you know the number! well today i am redoing my room. and im really upset cause i miss gabby a lot like you dont understan my gabby withdrawl lol. well i better go start my room.

i love you all.....

XoXo Lynzee
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4.25.05 - 9.57pm
[ mood | tired ]

Stolen from my one and only Reeyuh!

Rainbow of Icons by FreezingInTheSno
Your name
Favorite Color
Your Pink Icon
Your Blue Icon
Your Yellow Icon
Your Green Icon
Your Red Icon
Your Purple Icon
Your Orange Icon
Quiz created with MemeGen!

.......<3thanks ree i love you! we've had some good time and all our jokes my rice:p
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Whow so much to type <3 [
4.23.05 - 4.43pm
[ mood | Happy<3 ]

Hey...I havent updated this in a while..well here i go

Last week: On Friday i slept over my grandmas house cause the next day we left to go to Delaware at like 5am and we achually left that early. Well when we first got in the car for the 7 hour car ride ahead of us we were all tired so me erynn and gabby went to sleep. Until we got to the first reststop which is a really big memmory. Me and gabby got out of the car to buy gaterade or however you spell it but we ran back to the car like 500 times cause first of all we went like into the bathroom and then we were waiting for my gramma and we diddnt think we were gunna get any drinks so we diddnt bring our money. then we were looking at the drinks and decided that we achually wanted something so we ran back to the car to get our money. So then we were putting it in the machine's and realized we diddnt have enough so we ran back again. and finally bought our drinks and we went to the car and off we were. We pretty much slept the whole car ride. Then we got there at my uncles house OMG we were sooo happy to be there we saw my aunt and then we rested for a while then we went to the store with her to get stuff for the christning and me and gabby were dancing in the middle of the store. Then we went back to the house and me and gabby went for like a 2 mile jog. We got back to the house and took showers but the water smelled like solfer so we went downstairs and turned off the shower and sat on the couch until my uncle came and was klike girls whats wrong me and gabby were like nothing then he's like is it the smell of the water and me and gabby started laughing and he was like girls just go take showers.. So we did and then we went for another walk.. It was fun then we came home and went to bed..But we played uno for like 20 minuets. then gabby woke up and was like lyndsey wake up so i woke up and played spyder solitare...and like 10 minuets later i turned around and she was sleeping.<3 i love her! then the next morning we woke up and went to church its this little tiny church its so small and yeah. then we went back to my aunts and went to church again for my cousins christning. After that church i rode in my uncle's ESCALADE! i was so happy i want one so bad! then we got back to my uncles house and ate and stuff. then me and gabby went on a walkk again but we were gone for like 4 hours. We were walking and these guys kept stairing at us it was wierd. then we were doing other stuff....but i cant tell you what..The we got hot and we turned around and changed into shorts and left again. we got sooo lost the gabby said something that was sooo funni i was like peeing my pants. It was funni. Then we went back to the house and after everyone left we watched cheeper by the dozen and part of the notebook. Then me erynn and gabby walked to the end of the driveway and called people..Then my uncle was walking down the driveway and it was like pitch black and all we could see was his shirt and we got scared we like started backing up untill he called us we knew it was him. Then we played uno on the back poarch for a whil,e then at 9 i called saira to talk cause shes my hero and i love her! :)Then on monday i missed school to drive back then the 3 of us went for another walk and came back to the house packed up all our stuff and we were off. it was soo sad i was like about to cryy :( So we were in the car for another 7 hours and everytime gabby or i saw a silo we would scream silo cause gabbys upsessed with them. The she kept saying she wanted to see an omish person. lol then we were in this big argue because erynn called gabby emo so me and gabby were calling her a goth. it was a fun time.. then we were finally home it was a fun weekend! :):) i left some stuff out because there was to many memmories to share!

Tuesday: I went to sairas house and we went for a walk and then we went for a walk then i went to the mall with her..Lol then i was watching one tree hill and i was like screaming at the tv Omg it was a good time then i went to sairas to sleep over. Then i was like telling my mom to run all the red lights cause i couldnt miss one tree hill. it was such a good episode. Then after that we went and jumped on her trampoline and it was fun.. then we walked to wegmans and got A lot of candy.. Then we went to sairas house and went to bed. Then we woke up and walked to school we stopped at tim hortons and got iced cappuccino's and drank them on the way to school. the we sat in the burger king parking lot for a while until school started. then we walked into school then nothing really happened at school..

wednesday: sarah and i went to the first boys away game at heim against north. but... we lost. thats ok well get um next time. then sarah sat in froun with justin and i had to sit in the back all by myself. but thats ok i dk. just dont wanna sit alone ever again! And then we went and we were having trouble cause the seat we had to sit on was all wet so we were sitting on a plastic bag. lol were losers. Then the people on the north team were all ugly me and sarah were judging them and their managers were ugly too! eek well good times sarah I <3 you :)

Thursday: nothing happened during the day but after school was fun Me and danielle stayed after school for Riyas lacrosse game. Then me and danielle went to burger king to get fries. Then we came back and watched riya play and mfound out some gross things about people at our school but i dont they are true. but w/e then mr.G told me and danielle to stay for battle of the bands practice. <3 Good times danielle lol our phone call:
Emily:Im stuck in a sewer come and save me!
Me:Good for you
Someone in the background: Screaming
Me::.Hangs up the phone.::

Friday: We went to battle of the bands and then after Me riya, sarah h, ashley, britt, syd, and linds went to great northern pizza. good times girls. they were gunna come to my house but they couldnt:( someother time tho! Then my mom picked us up and riya and linds came over to my house. Linds couldnt sleep over but riya did we were up like all night watching tv. Then we woke up at like 8:50-9:00 and went to manhatten bagle it was gooood!then we went to walk to yahs house but kinda got lost:( so Yahs came to the rescue! and we walked with him around for a while:) then he had to go so we went to armaans house for a while. then me and riya went back to my house and went to sleep cause our walk really tired us out. then lindsay came over for a while. And we walked to tim hortons and ate. then my mom picked us up and we went home then riya and lindsay went home i was very sad..Now im here typing to you thins took such a long tom! no joke. and not at 6 i have to go babysit..ugg i dont wanna but ha i get paid! well im gunna go and ive been typing for 12 songs cause im listning to my cd player and i am looking at the number of songs ive been listning to while ive been typing. Wow im a loser!

........<3I love you all
.............<3Leave me comments! (You better)

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4.14.05 - 7.12pm
[ mood | Excited! ]

Well......i havent updated this in quite a whike now. lol well last week nothing really happened plus i dont remember that far back. but on saturday i went to my grandmas with my family for my 2 cousins birthday party fin times jordan and gabbe :p. well there were two pinyatas and i tried to swing at it but..um. i kinda missed like 4 times then i achually hit the pinyata bbut when i was trying to hit it before i was swinging the stick like a whole different way. haha it was a funni time. then the pinyatas fell and me and gabby dived in there like we had never had candy before we put our hands in the achual pinyata it was a great time. then me jordan gabby and my other two cousins went in the front yard to play kickball ha ha ha but we were like trying not to play so we were fighting over this little blue stick thing it was kinda wierd lol. we were like wrestling each other. then when we achually went to play i was going in my spot walking backwords and flipped over the tree and broke the branch me gabby and jordan were on the ground for like 5 minuets laughing. then hahaha gabby broke the door and ripped her pants. but yeah then jordan left :( it was sad. me my sister and gabby had a sleep over at my grammas and we were on the computer for a while then gabby and i found this tennis ball so we went in the living room at like 2:00 in the morning and started roling it back and forth to each oter prank phone calling my sisterr. hahaha hi this is granny i just wanted to let you know i like your little snakey boots. lol that was funni. then we went to bed and i was on the floor erynn was comfortible but me and gabby werent i was on the floor and gabby was in this veryy uncomftorble chair. we watched blind date then next and were making fun of everyone it was soo funni. then gabby was like in so wide awake and then like 2 minuets later ide look at her and she was dound asleep then she woke up and she would be like m sooo wide awake and 2 minuets later ide look at her and shed be sleeping she did this like 5 times when i just decided to go to bed.

Monday: I dont remember

Tuesday:nothing interesting really but i saw one tree hill its been so long i had to freshin up but OMG next week looks sooo good!

Wednesday: was my first lacross game being manager for. it was kinda confusing at first then i got the hang of it. WAHOOOO! it was also matt's first baseball game but i couldnt go cause it was in clarence and i had to coach lacrosse. but ill be there tomarro:)

thursday: THATS TODAY! well it was all good. then after school i walked to rachels house. then we did some stufff. we played basket ball haha i should be a profesional. jkjk im sooo bad. then my parents came and got me to go to wegmans to get the stuff i need to go to delaware with. waho then when i got hom i found out stuff and thats when the bad part started. i found out that the person i coach lacross with diddnt tell me i had to stay so i came home like an idiot. my goodness i was soooo mad you dont even understand.

Future: tomarro im going to matt and tom's baseball game YEAH! hope you win! Then im walking home i think. then going to my grammas to sleep over cause im going to delaware at like 4:30 in the morning. this is gunna be fun!

i wanna give a special thank's to rachel maria Lokaj for letting me borrow her portible dvd player for the car ride!<3

2 DAYS!!!!!! AHHH Gabby im excited!

........<3 well i better go pack for going away.
............<3you can call my cellular!
..................<3Love always Lyndsey :p

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